At Willow Children's Nursery we have chosen the very best learning tools made from natural materials. Wood is a wonderful sustainable material that offers the children superior quality of toys, so that they can enjoy not only playing with, but also being able to explore the sensory experience of touching and smelling wood and other natural materials.Wood is long lasting and has its own anti-bacterial qualities. Wood can be easily repaired and used over and over again and can be recycled. We want to play a part in helping save our planet.

To further help save our precious resources we have installed a high tech water filtration system that uses Reverse Osmosis to purify our water making it cleaner and safer that most local bottles waters. We also save on our use of plastic water bottles as we can refill from our system up to 50 gallons of fresh clean water each day.

Aromatherapy air purifiers are used throughout the nursery to keep our air clean, fragrant and as virus free as possible. Cleaning products are made up in the nursery using Tea Tree oil, Vinegar and various other natural ingredients.

To further help our environment Willow recycle snack time waste, which will be made into compost for potting.

Children will be encouraged to "recycle" in their daily nursery routines. We will also ask parents to help by sending in "junk" that we can recycle for artwork.

We really want to do play our part in becoming more "Green" and hope to involve our children and parents in helping us achieve this.